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Endangered Mammals You Have Never Heard Of

Everyone is familiar with endangered giant pandas, an endangered mammal from China. These are among the few species that make the headlines and are the focus of substantial conservation efforts. However, many other endangered mammals do not share the limelight, and few people know they exist....(more)

Dolphins Communicate By Name

Many people believe that an important difference between humans and other animals is our capacity for language. Not so, according to new research that reveals that dolphins communicate and recognize each other by name....(more)

White Nose Syndrome Kills Millions of Bats

Something is devastating bat populations across the United States. Bat biologists are witnessing massive die offs of hibernating bats. Dead bats have an odd whitish fungus on their nose and mouth areas. So far this disease, white nose syndrome, has resulted in the nearly six million bat deaths....(more)

Pet Care

Bird Breeding: Important Considerations for Budding Aviculturists

If you are considering breeding birds, there are a number of important issues for you to consider. You may already have a few pet bird companions, and this may have led to you consider spending more time breeding and caring for a lot birds. Raising and caring for a bird is vastly different from breeding birds. The following are some of the important issues to consider when breeding birds....(more)

A Guide to Reporting Animal Abuse

Animal abuse is a crime in all 50 states and a felony in all but 4 of them. When animals are abused, the intervention of a human is required, since animals don't have the tools to end abuse. For some people, understanding the expectations of reporting animal abuse are a little unclear. This guide helps you understand what animal abuse is and how to report it....(more)

Feeding Beet Pulp to Your Horse

Beet pulp has become popular as horse feed for some owner's whose horses need to gain weight. Others use it when they need a feed that doesn't cause spikes in their horse's blood sugar. Some prefer to soak the pulp as alternative to constant dry hay and pellets, whereas others use it as a dry feed. Beet pulp is not a complete source of nutrition or energy, so it is important that it not be a horse's only feed. Here are some facts you should know about beet pulp....(more)


Shark Fetuses Hunt Siblings in the Womb

A few animal species, including several large birds, spotted hyenas, and a few sharks, practice siblicide. The larger offspring kills its siblings to eliminate competition. A few shark species take siblicide to an extreme: The largest offspring hunts down and eats its siblings inside the womb....(more)

What is Plankton?

Plankton is far more than the villain in a children's cartoon. It is an umbrella term for a vast array of creatures, comprised of most types of life on earth. Plankton is a key food source, the base of the food chain in the ocean ecosystem. Plankton is tiny, and yet it is the preferred food of whales, the largest creature ever to live on planet Earth. Without it, all life in the oceans would die off, quickly. If you think that "small" equals "unimportant," get ready to have your mind changed as you learn all about the world's least noticeable, but most important resource: plankton....(more)

6 Amazing Fish Facts

Fish are amazing creatures. Some are poisonous and some are huge, but all of them are fascinating to watch and learn about. Below, you will find some interesting fish facts that will make you think twice about fish being boring animals. Some may even make you think twice about going to the beach....(more)